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At Mighty Taco, we believe in two things: great food and fun, entertaining ads. Over the past four decades, we’ve enjoyed bringing Western New Yorkers our own brand of offbeat humor through memorable campaigns that have touched on everything from Gettysburg on Ice to Shirley MacLaine.

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We really enjoy taking the phrase "don't believe everything you hear" to a whole new level. Is it an ad for a law firm? A nursing home? Gettysburg on Ice? Heck no! It's just us.

Fish Puns 2020

Director of 1st Impressions

Summer 2018 Mighty Tour

Mighty Mac-n-Cheese

Dig Our Pig !

Congressional Hearings

Mighty Taco Guru

Mighty Q !

Porkemon Gone

Lunchtime Hero

Wed Woses

Rockin Acres

Laser Pro

Get Lost Inc

Indept Corp

Inner Peace

Chipotle on Car

Christmas 2008

Win At All Costs

Forest Glen


Gettysburg On Ice

Valentine's Day


Ready To Buy

Relaxed Standards

Los Guys

The Optimist

Wed Woses 2010


SuperPak 2010

BBQ Beef Mystery

Follow Us

Chow Down 30 seconds

Chow Down 60 seconds


Holiday 2010

Fish Taco 2011

Carne Alota®

Make Mom Proud

Final Fear 2011

Orchestra 2011


Bank Offer

Lunch Club

Call of the Mighty

Total Sedation Dentistry

Fish Taco 2013

Mack Motors

MAX Buffito®

Soccer Camp

We Will Build It

Fish Taco 2015


Deflate Gate

Siri Us

Chipotle Chili Coals

Chipotle Chili Snakes

Mighty Taco Gold

Scott Show BBQ

Mighty Taco Fish Taco

Holiday with Grandma

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To aid our goal of complete world domination, we’re happy to offer the following downloads The Mighty, Mighty ringtone. Click the links below to download the beloved Mighty Jingle as a ringtone suitable for your fancy-schmancy smart phone.


When it comes to advertising on the tube, we really go nuts, and the fact that we only have thirty seconds to play around makes it all the more concentrated. Who really needs a bathroom break, anyway?


A Mighty Date

Mighty Mac-n-Cheese

Mighty Q



Fish Challenge 2016

Chipotle Chili 2015

Mighty Bowlito

Have Any Unused Gold?

Now Hiring

Dedicated Employees

El Nino


Some Like It Hot

Chipotle Chili is Back

Mighty Gear 2009


Road Less Traveled

Go with the Grain

BBQ 15

Buffito 2010

Roastito 2010

Red Card 2010

Chow Down 2010

Power to the Poultry

Fish Taco

Make My BBQ

Red Carpet Event

Least Interesting Man

Chow Down 2011

Red Card 2011

Man Eating Chicken

BBQ Pork 2012

Lunch Club

Steamtable Orchestra

Mighty Taco Max

We Will Build It

Chipotle Chili 2014

Peace on Earth

BBQ Pork is Back

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You know how sometimes you see a picture and think to yourself, ”Ha”? Well, that’s where many of our print ads start. And our famous placemats are like works of art that it’s OK to get hot sauce on.

Print Ads

Mexican Food for Beautiful People Like You

Casual Day gone very, very wrong

Valentine's Day

Oops I Did It Again

After the holidays it's nice to decompress

Grab Your Roastito

Can I be frank with you

Ghouls Gone Wild

There's nothing like a dressed turkey

Winter forecast - hot

Everybody's Doing It

I just adore me

Go Fish


think hard

Invisible Man

Chow Down

All You Need Is Lunch

Fantastic Plastic

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Mighty Good Advice

Uncertain Times

A monument to great taste

Nice Very Nice

You Can Trust Mighty Taco

May All Your Christmases Be Bright

Everything I need to know I learned at Mighty Taco


Mighty Mystery Tour

The Mighty Swell Guy

Tommy and the Taco Factory

A Mighty Night at the Roller Derby

Hollywood Monsters

The Mighty Northern Lights

Mighty Wright

Food of the Gods

Alice in Mightyland

All you have to do is ask

Beach Blanket Buffalo

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Mighty Wallpaper

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Red 16-9 Aspect Ratio

Blue 4-3 Aspect Ratio

Blue 16-9 Aspect Ratio

Red Grid 4-3 Aspect Ratio

Red Grid 16-9 Aspect Ratio

Blue Grid 4-3 Aspect Ratio

Blue Grid 16-9 Aspect Ratio

Fish 4-3 Aspect Ratio

Fish 16-9 Aspect Ratio

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