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Mighty Taco® announces vast fleet of stationary food trucks.

BUFFALO, NY – Long a trend-setter in the food industry, the venerable Mighty Taco® family of restaurants is proud to announce the conversion of all their locations to full-featured, completely stationary food trucks.

Mobile cuisine has long been a part of the American Experience – from the old west’s chuck wagons to the hot dog stands and pretzel carts of New York City. But social media and changing tastes have inspired a whole new generation of gourmet, artisanal food trucks.

Ever at the forefront of popular dining, Mighty Taco® is working feverishly to transform each of their locations to large, cutting-edge food trucks with a difference – they are completely immobile.

Current location of all 19 stationary food trucks Refresh

What’s so great about stationary food trucks? Well, for one thing, they burn far less gasoline than their mobile counterparts and rarely, if ever, break down. 

While its fleet of 19 totally immobile food trucks may not move,* there’s probably one close by. Check out our comprehensive, constantly updated listing to see where your Mighty Taco® is right now.

*If you see a Mighty Taco® location moving, please contact us IMMEDIATELY.

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