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You know the drill. You’re at your job. Maybe it’s lunchtime, maybe you’re working late. People’s minds start wandering to food. A chorus of growling, burbling stomachs becomes louder and louder, until finally someone says the magic words – Mighty Run.

Now, everyone loves a Mighty Run. But not everyone loves being responsible for one.

  • Walking around, taking orders, getting corrections – it’s a lot of pressure.
  • Fumbling through scraps of paper and post-it notes as a sympathetic Mighty Taco employee listens and tries to help.
  • Having your entire effort called into question because Gary in Accounts Payable didn’t get extra sour cream on his Garden Burrito.

No more. We’ve solved the problem with easy-to-use, fairly powerful technology. The Mighty Run will be a walk in the park, but Mightier, faster, and not actually in a park. You put out the word and invite people, they enter their orders online, and then you print out a perfectly formatted order to present at Mighty Taco.

So go ahead, raise your hand for a Mighty Run and be recognized as the hero you are – even by Gary.

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